Curves: FREE week pass!

When I came across a FREE WEEK PASS to Curves, I figured this was a sign! A sign that I’m slacking on the gym! I’ve never been to curves before, but have heard great reviews from family members and friends. There’s a Curves not too far from my home and when I’m shopping I always catch a glimpse of their sign about Zumba! I’ve never done Zumba, but have always wanted to try!
A little background info on me: I took dance for A LOT of years when I was younger and I was a cheerleader until my sophomore year in HS. I was RUDELY  cut from the squad because I wasn’t “skinny enough” (yep…the previous coach told me they were trying to be like the other schools..HAH! Jokes on them…I MADE MY COLLEGE CHEERLEADING SQUAD. :P  I hope they’re reading this! 
I just printed my PASS and you can too! Just sign up HERE, and once you’ve completed your registration, it will allow you to print off your coupon for a FREE WEEK! You do not have to commit to anything. Just simply give them your address so they can link you to the closest Curves facility, and voila…a coupon to print! Please note: This is for anyone that is not currently enrolled! :))
Now if I can just convince my BFF, cousins, and/or local mommies to go with me! ;) 

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