Childhood Favorites: Snow Cream

Do you have any traditions from your childhood that you’ve continued with your child? What are the more simple things in life that you cherish from your early years?
It’s days like this that make me think of some of the my favorite times growing up. It’s yucky outside, and of course there’s NO snow. I used to sit and pray for snow! The seasons in North Carolina tend to stay all over the place. Just the other day it was in the 60′s here. So to say that kids get excited when it snows here, may be an understatement.
Last year it snowed on Christmas (which was my daughter’s FIRST). Exciting, right? :) One of the first things I want to do when it snows is make snow cream. Depending on where you’re from, you may be saying…”huh?” I was SO excited to let my daughter try her first bite of snow cream even though she was only 7 months old. I was secretly praying that she’d fall in love with it the same way that I did when I was a child. This year is no different, and actually SO much more exciting. So many of days that it’s cold and yucky out, I wish that it would just snow already! What would be more exciting than taking my 19 month old daughter out in the snow to play around, and make some good ole’ fashioned snow cream?
So, what’s snow cream you ask? Here’s my answer: It’s only the single best way to make “ice cream” and by far one of the best things about it snowing! Snow cream is a super simple way of making your own ice cream, and only involves a couple of ingredients. Where I grew up, you make snow cream on the second good snow. Never the first. I’ve always been told that the second snow produces a more fluffy, clean snow. Who knows…could of been those redneck relatives of mine. ;) You also want to gather your snow from places like your back deck, grill, and etc while taking only the top most layer. Unless you want extra dirt and grime in it, of course. After you’ve gathered your snow, be prepared to become addicted!
Having said that, I’ll leave you with the ingredients. You must understand, there’s no real recipe for this where I come from. I’m sure you can Google tons of recipes, but they will probably all include eggs. No thanks. Here’s what I suggest. Go out and gather your snow in a huge pot. I usually fill mine to the top because once you start adding the ingredients, it melts down pretty quickly. The just start adding the ingredients. You’ll know when it’s right when it has a creamy texture (not too milky) and has a slight vanilla taste and could possibly pass for a Vanilla Creme Frappicino from Starbucks! ;) IF you can’t quite figure it out, feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll SEE if I can measure out my ingredients for your sake!
Here they are:
*Add Milk
*Add Sugar
*Add Vanilla
***I’ll keep praying for snow in our area sometime very soon!***


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  1. says

    Well This is a cute idea if we ever get so lucky as to get more then a dusting of snow. The temp here should be below zero and its in the 50s!!!